Applying for an NHS provider licence

Following a recent change in legislation, our guidance and licensing system are currently being updated. You can still apply using the online system but please be aware of the following changes which affect question 3.3. The new legislation, effective on 1 April 2019, means that providers of NHS healthcare services are required to apply for a licence if their applicable turnover for a 12 month forward looking period is reasonably estimated to be over £10m, and they are not otherwise exempt. The full text of the new legislation can be found in Part 7 of these regulations. Before this change, the legal test was whether the provider had applicable turnover of more than £10m in the previous business year. We will now ask licence applicants whether they estimate having over £10m of applicable turnover in a forward 12 month period and, if so, to demonstrate how they arrived at that estimate. For further questions on the changes or on the application process please contact NHSI.Licensing@nhs.net

Read our guidance to find out how to apply

Read the guidance from the Department of Health on who is exempt from needing a licence

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